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My name is Betsy Teegardin CPA

I was introduced to accounting in my first job. I hadn’t been there very long when my boss asked if I would be interested in cross-training for the bookkeeper position. Even though I was young, I knew enough to accept additional skills training when it was offered. So, I became the bookkeeper for a few hours a week in addition to my other responsibilities. At the end of each month, the accountant would come in and close the books. I asked questions to make her job easier. Eventually, I was doing that piece of the accounting as well. I implemented two software changes and my accounting skills grew and evolved over the next fifteen years.

As the business changed, I continued to adapt with the opportunities that were presented. I became manager of one segment of the business and consultant for the business owner on both segments. I learned a lot about how small businesses function; how to manage them as well as understand the accounting and financial aspects.

When I decided I was ready for a new challenge, I became an accounting clerk for a small manufacturing business. I was again offered many opportunities to not only advance my accounting skills, but also learn about running a business in an entirely different industry. During my time there, I decided to pursue an accounting degree.

While I attended college, I worked a few different jobs as I needed flexibility around my class schedule. When I graduated in 2015, I had experience with retail, service, manufacturing, transportation, and non-profit accounting. Upon graduation, I accepted a position providing outsourced accounting services to small business and fell in love. I have always enjoyed variety in my work, and public accounting offered me the opportunity to work with multiple clients in various industries all at the same time.

In 2019, I became a small business owner myself when I started my own firm. I completed the CPA licensure process and am currently licensed in Kansas and Missouri. I still love public accounting and helping small businesses be successful.


With more than 25 years in the field, you’ll get the service you need.


I am a trained and certified CPA, and attend workshops on a regular basis.


Our goal is to help you use your financial statements as a helpful tool to grow your business.


Accounting On It uses web-based tools which allows us to serve companies nationwide.

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Customer Stories

Claire Milligan

I've worked closely with Betsy over the past year establishing a workflow for clients on Tallie, Bill.com and other accounting software systems. I have been amazed at her ability to simultaneously create innovative processes for clients and execute them to detailed precision. She possesses the rare combination of being an expert in her field and having the capability to step out of the process and question how the conventional wisdom can be improved upon.

Meaghan Hart

Betsy is thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly. She was able to streamline accounting processes and identified areas where we could improve. She also walked us through the detailed reports she produced. Betsy is extremely understanding and comes up with reasonable goals and timelines - As a small business, having this really helped us get on track!

Robert Acheson

Betsy provided accounting services for my client, a high-volume, web-based retailer. The client had two entities, and required much accounting cleanup. Betsy was invaluable in providing common-sense advice during this cleanup, and then transitioned into providing on-going monthly financial reporting for this $10m+ enterprise. She is not only a skilled accountant, but was an excellent trainer, solid listener, and 'project manager' with the client staff for this challenging work. She managed all outstanding issues, holding people accountable, all with a cheerful and approachable attitude. I would strongly recommend her for any accounting services. Betsy is skilled, efficient and a pleasure to work with.